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AquaLung Core Octo
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AquaLung Core

The new Core Supreme by Aqua Lung is a regulator that offers divers a mix of high-end technology at a pocket-friendly price.

Featuring a balanced first and second stage for optimal performance underwater and Aqua Lung's patented Auto Closure Device on the first stage to avoid water ingress, the Core Supreme is a cold water regulator that stands out from the rest.

The Second Stage

Type: Balanced demand valve

Mechanism : Down stream poppet

Material : Silicone for mouthpiece, diaphragm and exhaust valve – ABSPC for box bottom – Polyurethane for purge cover

Cold water : Yes for Supreme version only

Venturi adjustment : Yes

Cracking effort : 3,3 to 4,3 mbar

Weight : Core Supreme 178 g

Hose length : 730 mm


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