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The E.Motion PLUS drysuit model comes as optimal and ultimate combination of the flexibility and lightness from E.Motion Ripstop quality and E.Lite exclusive durability and comfort.

We have combined both functionalities in one, most sophisticated cut and design to provide the highest performance while diving in many different underwater environments, using recreational or technical gear. E.Motion PLUS will protect you where needed, keeping the flexibility and light wear at the same time.

The construction of E.Motion PLUS includes top part and top front of trousers made of flexible and light 235 g/m2 Ripstop trilaminate fabric and exclusive E.Lite trilaminated fabric of 535 g/m2 in back of the trousers, at the belly and lower back area, elbows, crotch pad and lower part of front trousers for maximum protection where needed, at places exposed to possible damage.

E.Motion PLUS comes in elegant, exclusive color combination of black, grey and sliver to underline the best choice you take while choosing this special model.

E.Motion PLUS is equipped in standard with most innovative and comfortable SANTI Smart Seals® system – soft rings that allow fast and easy seal exchange for any seal you like or have at hand.

Special cut of the crotch pad allows for comfortable leg movements. The E.Motion PLUS suit is equipped with a YKK Aquaseal plastic zipper which is very durable but also light and flexible. It is highly resistant to dirt and needs only minimal care of the docking area. SANTI offers 2 years warranty for the plastic zipper.
For better and most convenient outlet valve placement on the arm, the zipper is installed in this model from the right shoulder to the left hip.

As in any of SANTI drysuits, E.Motion PLUS is equipped in two big and solid cargo pockets with bungee strings to mount the equipment. In this model both pockets have a useful additional zipper fastened pocket for double ender.
E.Motion Plus is equipped in standard with SANTI Flexsole boots.
We add a collar hood made of 7/9 mm soft neoprene, or any other from SANTI range according to request.

Avaliable sizes: XS,S,SL,M,ML,MLL,LS,L,LL,XLS, XL, XXL


•    total weight – 3,2 kg

•    fabric Ripstop Nylon/butylen/Polyester 260 g/sqm

•    colors: black/pink, black/lime, black/grey

•    telescopic torso, lady cut design

•    TIZIP plastic zipper covered by additional zip-fastened flap

•    crotch pad reinforcement

•    High-profile Apeks valves and inlet valves with “inflator” ending

•    two utilities pockets with elastic bungee loops; the right pocket has a zip-fastened flap with a small pocket for double ender clip

•    Kevlar® knee pads

•    Neck seals made of insulated latex and 3 mm neoprene

•    HD bottleshape wrist seals

•    Flex Sole boots

•    suspenders

•    7/9 mm Neoprene collar hood

•    medium pressure hose

•    Ladies First travel bag, Ladies first afterdive beanie hat

•    12 sizes in standard, MTM option


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