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Xmas Specialty Pack
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The Divemaster Xmas specialty pack is a great way to hone your learn some new skills in the dry classroom.

Continuing Education is exciting and limitless. We have hand picked our most popular classroom based specialties.

Science of diving - This program treats all areas of dive theory to a detailed and comprehensive manner: physics, physiology, decompression theory, marine life and diving equipment.

Enriched Air NitroxHave you ever dreamed of having longer no-decompression limits to take pictures or explore a wreck? Did you ever want to be safer while diving concerning the potential risk of decompression sickness? Nitrox is the key. Due to the reduced fraction of nitrogen in your breathing gas, your body will have less work and the desaturation times will be reduced.

Equipment Techniques - The EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES program teaches you how to choose the right equipment for your needs. You will learn how to fit, adjust , maintain and make small repairs right on the spot.

Each of our Specialty Programs is based on our Diver Diamond methodology, which focuses on the proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience required to help you become a proficient diver.

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