Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit

  • Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit
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Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit
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Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit

New exclusive inflation and exhaust valve
New super light breathable trilaminate 2.8kg
Kevlar type protection on shoulders, back, knees and shins
Enhanced design for maximum flexibility 
2 YKK Front plastic zips 1 of is a new heavy duty aquaseal dry zip
Adjustable drawstring waist

Adjustable Elastic Crotch Strap
Adjustable pre-mounted large elastic comfortable suspenders 
Embedded boots made of 4mm neoprene with a ridged sole
Reenforced boot instep and adjustable velcro strap for perfect closure 

2 self-draining four-compartment pockets, Closed with a High-strength zip and equipped with multiple bungees inside for attaching accessories
Piping around the flap of the pockets for extra grip
XR Carpet Bag included

Seal Options:

Option A: Latex conic neck and wrist seal which will allow for a dry glove system

Option B: Silicone conic grey SI-TECH quick connect wrist and neck seals, the SLT dry seal system on both the wrists and neck can be immediately replaced by the user in the event of a seal failure


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