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The OSTC cR was specially developed for rebreather divers who also want to use their dive computer for O2-monitoring.
With its various options of configuration the OSTC cR is specially made for CCR divers. The robust S8 connector allows to readout and monitor up to three oxygen sensors, alternatively the calculation can be done with fixed setpoints. 

The OSTC cR is operated by the firmware hwOS and is a full-flegded trimix dive computer that provides the use of five gas mixes. Decompression stops are calculated using either the classic Bühlmann model or gradient factors. Additionally the OSTC cR offers a gauge and apnea mode as well as a digital compass.

The big high-contrast colour display of the OSTC cR has a very wide angle, so it can be read also in darkness and from nearly every position. Also the battery capacity is well equipped, it offers a runtime up to 60 hours - and that with a bright and sharp display. A special battery management system gives you a precise percentage display of the remaining battery runtime. You can recharge your OSTC cR easily via USB, with this connection you can also readout the logbook and install firmware updates. The OSTC cR works with two easy going piezo buttons that can also be operated optimally with thick gloves.

Developed and produced entirely in Germany, the OSTC cR is backed by years of experience and continuous improvements. Last but not least, it comes with free firmware updates, an interactive user forum, rapid service and competent support.

S8 connector:
S8 connector for connecting up to three oxygen sensors. 

Via the delivered S8 USB cable you can recharge the OSTC cR, readout the logbook and install updates.

LCD monitor:
High-resolution and high-contrast colour display with a field of view of 160 degree and a size of 2,4 inches.

Bungee mount:
With the integrated bungee mount you can use the advantages of the easy and robust bungees. Alternatively there is a bungee wristband available.


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