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With our new high-end dive computer we did not make any compromises: The OSTC 4 combines a brilliant widescreen display with an unrivaled battery life.

The widescreen display of the OSTC 4 sets new standards: With its 800 x 480 pixel it has a much higher resolution than that of other dive computers. So its brilliant colours and the crystal clear displays are optimally readable also in bad visibility conditions.

The cover glass is optically bonded to the display, so no reflections occur even at bright sunlight.

Despite the high display performance, the battery life of the OSTC 4 makes no concessions, following the traditions of heinrichs weikamp.

The OSTC 4 operates 40 hours in dive mode and more than two years in stand-by mode.

Comparable dive computers with big displays can only dream of such values.

We also have been generous with the processing power: A 32Bit dual core processor offers enough power to simultaneously calculate two deco models in real time. So you can switch from Bühlmann ZH-L16+GF to VPM-B while diving.

All this is boxed in a high-class aluminium housing that also holds up strong demands. The three sensor buttons that are integrated in the housing can be easily used with thick gloves or ring systems.

Developed and produced entirely in Germany, the OSTC 4 is backed by years of experience and continuous improvements. Last but not least, it comes with free firmware updates, an interactive user forum, rapid service and competent support.

LCD display:
High resolution IPS LCD monitor with ambient light sensor. The optically bonded display offers brilliant colours and sharp letters even in very bad visibility condition.
Field of view: 160°
Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixel
Size: 3,2” (79mm screen diagonal)

Digital optical link:
The wet connector system can be connected to the hw HUD. 

So rebreather divers can use it for O2 monitoring.

With the integrated bungee mount you can use the advantages of the easy and robust bungees. 

Alternatively there is a bungee wristband available.


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