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Ammonite LED Spot Kit
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This kit includes an LED Spot lamp head, a Battery of your choice, Heavy Duty cable, Lithium Charger and a Protective carry case.

There are options for adding a handle either Soft or Hard

A perfect primary light - a follow-up to its predecessor featuring improved specifications - 800 lm.
New electronics and new, more intuitive logic of the switch; colour temperature of 6300º K; light distribution angle of providing a glow for extra lighting of the exploration area.
Improved ergonomics with a bigger switch knob; perfect for communication.

The new LED SPOT torch casing has been redesigned.
Now the head weighs less - a certain material used in it has been removed as it did not contribute to the casing's robustness, while increasing its weight.
These areas have been filled with PVC foam, which prevents internal light reflections and improves the product's aesthetics.
The switch knob size has been increased, which contributes to the head's ergonomics - now switching it on and off is easier.
The LED efficiency has been improved by almost 20% thanks to a completely new system supplying higher voltage current to the LED panel.
But it is still about the excellent LED's from CreeŸ.

The new software managing the switch microcontroller is more intuitive than before.
The system signalling low battery life (the strobe flash) gives the user clear information on the rechargeable battery's status, switching the head to the 20% mode, which provides the necessary reserve of light in a possible emergency situation.
XPE LED's from CreeŸ, providing 6300ºK light colour have been used as the light source.
Combining the LED's with LedilŸ optics enables a perfect balance of lighting between the so-called spot and the glow while retaining the 6º light distribution angle, which makes the torch perfectly fit for both exploration and communication.

LED SPOT - Specification

LED SPOT applications: diving - as a primary light source.
The light is emitted by 4 CreeŸ XPE LEDs with total power output 14W.
Colour temperature of 8000 K and light distribution angle of 6º.
The lamp head has three position switch with light intensity regulation, appropriately 20%, 60%, 100% of power output. The switch is additionally equipped with battery discharge protection system.
LED SPOT's casing is made of anodised aluminium.
A front 6 mm thick tempered glass is sealed with 3 o-rings.

light source 4 x Cree XPE LED
maximum output light 800lm
light distribution angle 6º
total power 14W
colour temperature 6500K
LED life span 50000hours
power supply voltage 12V
switch type magnetic sensor 
with light intensity control
material anodised aluminiu /DELRINŸ
max. length 89mm
max. diameter 70mm
front glass 6mm tempered
weight 350g
weight in water 130g
pressure test 36bar
max. service depth 200m



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