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SSI XR Technical Extended Range
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XR Technical Extended Range – Many exciting and intriguing dives require more information and training about how depth and time can affect the body. The XR Technical Extended Range program will help to mentally prepare you for all types of diving experiences so that all you have to focus on is having a great time! Diver performance on technical dives can often be enhanced by substituting helium for all or part of the nitrogen in the breathing gas mixture. Reducing the amount of nitrogen will lessen the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Divers can perform more complex tasks at depth, better respond to emergencies, and function more effectively in challenging environmental conditions. The Technical Extended Range program will prepare you to take on some seriously challenging dives. You will be qualified to dive to 60m using Trimix with a minimum o2 content of 18% with two gas switches up to oxygen for accelerated decompression with an unlimited amount of decompression obligation.

  • 1 x 2 Hour Pool Sessions
  • 1 x 3 Hour Classroom Sessions
  • 6 x Open Water Dives
  • 60M Qualification
  • Unlimited Accelerated Decompression
  • END 30M or 35M


  • Science of Diving
  • Diver Stress & Rescue
  • XR Extended Range
  • 70 logged dives including 20 Deeper than 30m that require staged decompression

If you already qualified as an XR Extended Range Diver you will receive credit towards the XR Technical Extended Range Program and save £150, Just select course credit from the menu.

This program is also offered as a Exclusive course

Exclusive courses are offered one on one with an instructor on dates and at times that to suit the busy schedule of the modern day professional. 

We have group course starting all the time, buy your program here then follow the steps to get booked in. 

Our pool sessions are held every Friday night at Harvey Hadden Sports Centre Nottingham. Open Water sessions are held at Stoney Cove on Sundays. We can offer personalised dates to fit your calendar just ask.  


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