SSI Recreational Rebreather Diver

  • SSI Recreational Rebreather Diver
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SSI Recreational Rebreather Diver
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Always saw rebreathers as Technical, Complicated and Scary? Not any longer. The new breed of recreational rebreathers as changing perceptions and capturing the hearts of open circuit divers world wide.


The benefits of rebreather diving are unparalleled, Longer no decompression times - allow you spend longer exploring that wreck, composing the perfect photo and spending longer doing what you love, underwater. Bubble Free Silence - Gives you access to a totally new world you can get closer to marine life than ever before. Increased Gas Efficiency - Don t let you gas consumption end your dive early, you usually run out of time in the day before you run out of gas on a rebreather!

  • 1 x 2 Hour Pool Session
  • 8 x Open Water dives
  • 40m Certification
  • Full Digital materials included
  • Rebreather Hire not included


  • Open Water Diver
  • Nitrox Diver
  • 20 Logged Dives

This program is also offered as a Exclusive course

Exclusive courses are offered one on one with an instructor on dates and at times that to suit the busy schedule of the modern day professional. 

We have group course starting all the time, buy your program here then follow the steps to get booked in. 

Our pool sessions are held every Friday night at Harvey Hadden Sports Centre Nottingham. Open Water sessions are held at Stoney Cove on Sundays. We can offer personalised dates to fit your calendar just ask.  


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