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SSI Open Water CCR Instructor
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From the time man had the urge to explore the underwater world, the pleasures were denied to the vast majority until scuba training and equipment were developed in its present form. Now rebreathers are accessible to anyone, there is a high demand for people who have a passion for diving and want to share that experience with others. Rebreather diving is the future and we need you to be part of it!


What to spend your all you time in the underwater world, sharing your enthusiasm for rebreather diving? The SSI professional programs are what your looking for. SSI are the first to offer all of its professional programs to rebreather divers, start your professional development with SSI Recreational Rebreather Dive Guide and go all the way with your rebreather on your back to Recreational Rebreather Instructor Trainer!

The Open Water Rebreather Divers Instructor´s mission is to inspire and influence beginners and certified divers alike to grow in their diving experiences with the goal of making them committed rebreather divers. The goal of the Rebreather Instructor Training Course is to increase your teaching skills and add professional presentation/sales experience through modern workshops and practical applications. It is an opportunity to learn how to deliver “The Ultimate Dive Experience.”

At some point nearly every diver wants to extend their knowledge beyond the limits of Open Circuit diving and wants to experience more challenging diving. Rebreather diving has it all! You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to train divers at all levels in the use of rebreathers, from a new Open Water diver all the way to Diver Stress and Rescue, Deep speciality and beyond.

With professional training materials, comprehensive standards and flexible course combinations makes the SSI rebreather programs a unique experience. All courses and training materials were developed by industry professionals with decades of rebreather diving experience.

To qualify for Rebreather Diver Instructor Training Course you only need to be an Open Water, Deep and Nitrox Instructor and a Deep Rebreather Diver. 

Our pool sessions are held every Friday night at Harvey Hadden Sports Centre Nottingham. Open Water sessions are held at Stoney Cove on Sundays. We can offer personalised dates to fit your calendar just ask.  


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