AP Diving Inspiration CCR

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AP Diving Inspiration CCR
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Why Inspiration?

  • The Inspiration is Unique: With multiple Patented features. Not gimmicks, but absolute essentials like independent Dual Oxygen Controllers, CO2 Scrubber Monitor, audible alarms, fibre-optic HUDs…
  • Benchmark Design: Such as, Oxygen Control accuracy (+/- 0.05 Bar of Setpoint) that set the CE standard - to mention just one of the Inspiration’s many ‘firsts’… 
  • Versatile: One unit - all depths. Configure from Recreational spec to Trimix. Your choice.
  • Easy to Prep: Quick start-of-day set-up and end-of-day replenish.
  • Easy to Dive: Streamlined fit, a dream to fly, with ease-of breathing in all positions.
  • Customise Your Unit: More upgrade options allows you to build your Inspiration to suit you.
  • Intuitive Controls: Simple step-thru calibrate and test. Dive with clarity, control and ease.
  • Redundancy Built-in: Unique back-up oxygen control & power sources, multiple independent displays with effective warning systems and multiple bail-out options.
  • Future-proofed: Fully upgradeable by software upload and hardware plug & play.
  • Constant Innovation: State-of-the-art in-house test facilities ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
  • 45+ Year established dive manufacturer with a proven record of innovation and engineering.
  • Global Market Leader: The most popular and widely used rebreathers on the planet, with all that implies about training, spares and worldwide rebreather support.

  • Choice

    Inspiration: designed to fit your body & your dive style exactly.

    One size does not fit all. There are 3 Inspiration models (with different size chassis) to choose from and 5 sizes of  integrated weight harnesses from small to XXL

    Counterlung Choice: over the shoulder or back-mounted? We’re the only manufacturer to give you the option 

    Cylinders & Scrubber size to suit your dive goals and demands:

    • Inspiration evo - high-performance, lighter travel spec - 2 litre cylinders, 2 hour scrubber
    • Inspiration evp - best-of-all-worlds spec - 2 litre cylinders, 3 hour scrubber
    • Inspiration xpd - the ultimate dive machine - 3 litre cylinders, 3 hour scrubber

    All good stuff that comes as standard. Then the fun begins...


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